Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Predicting Individual and Group Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Predicting Individual and Group Behavior - Essay Example ndividual and Group Behavior in Schools is vital, Principal Harris went the opposite direction, he should have established a prudent connection with Mrs. Harmon, the other faculty heads and staff in general immediately after noticing the negative vibe emanating from them and considered their alternative proposals closely. The last meeting would have given him an insight about Mrs. Harmon and the likes wants namely; additional pay for the extra task delegated to them and flexible time allocation that would facilitate the research hence improving the schools instructional platform (Senge, 2001). These were important connotations that Principal Harris would have taken care off at the first light to get a better result oriented scenario. Principal Harris lacked a proper time management platform in achieving instructional plan for the school amongst the available human resource at his disposal. He should have effectively delegated the tasks that involved the whole school fraternity; faculty, staff and community so as to be more thorough in obtaining the right information for best model formulation and in the process saving time, a very valuable tool in task execution in any organization. Instead he only gave the task to his immediate deputies Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Harmon leaving out the rest of the workforce and stakeholders. Task delegation scenario is put at risk here because of only entrusting a fraction of the entire workforce and interested parties like the parents and the community at large that supposedly the teachers were against. The internal environment of the school seemed to be discordant and not influential for best performance and productivity. A culture of uniformity in values and the school’s go als and objectives needs to be revisited and the faculty together with the staff trained either through workshops, seminars or webinars, the importance of uniformity in the school’s core value of always improving students’ performance in accordance with the

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