Friday, February 21, 2020

Social, Political and Economic influence on Art Assignment

Social, Political and Economic influence on Art - Assignment Example In contrast, Beckett, (1994) argues that the Rococo art derived meaning from opposing the earlier era and its thematic representations. With progressive shift away from wealth and authority. The creation was associated with low touch and minimal design. It portrayed how civilian were reacting to the wealth associated with Kings and royalty instead focusing on normal societal order, creating with it a new and vibrant art style that was less wealthy but representing a frivolous style one that seemed unaware of social predicaments and championing its own gratification. .H. Fragonard, The Swing (figure 1) was one of the most famous paintings of the Rococo era. In this painting a lady is painted on a swing pushed by a bishop so that Ricardo Claude could see the legs. In can be analyzed that the lady has no ability of her mental faculties, essentially what she cares about is her environment. The tones used to represent the extreme sweetness with a light brush stroke. The painting therefore portrays a love affair between the lady on the swing and the man. The painting is conceived with deep symbolism of two small stones indicating a dolphin, and stone Cupid is symbolizing the love affair scene. The husband is placed at the back of the painting to suggest his unawares of her wife’s infidelity. The painter uses a typical rococo style by placing the woman on top of this love affair, a characteristic of rococo painting. The color and the tone are expressed by light brush strokes with an overflowing palette color displaying.

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